The Course

Our course is a challenging par 70/69 (medal/yellow) for Gents or a par 73 for Ladies which sweeps around the hill to the northern side of Westhill. While the ‘hill’ adds to the golfing difficulty it means that there are stunning views of the surrounding hills on all 18 holes.  Pictures and descriptions of the individual holes can be seen below.  Alternatively, you can sample the ‘WGC experience’ by viewing the course in our stunning ‘360 Virtual Tour’ when you can nagivate your way round the course exploring the view in all directions!  This feature may be accessed from the ”About Us’ tab at the top of the page.

At the end of the 2016 we began contruction of a new ‘short game area’ to the right hand side of our first hole.  This features a brand new 400 square metres putting green built to the highest standards.  We have also included a new target green and teeing zone where you can practise every type of concievable shot from 100 yards and in (i.e., pitching, chipping and those pesky bunker escapes!).  As can be seen from the picture below, the grass is growing well and we anticipate being able to formally open this space in early summer 2017.  The fantastic new facility will serve as space for our members to practise whilst also allowing us to expand and improve our successful junior coaching programme!  The project was part funded by a grant from Sports Scotland and we are very grateful for their support.

WGC short game area

Tee Yardage Par SSS

White – Gents Medal 5813 yards 70 69
Yellow – Gents 5482 yards 69 67
Red – Ladies 5309 yards 73 72

Hole Picture and Descriptions

Hole 1: Brimmond’s Brow – Sponsored by ForbesLawson

White/Yellow – 280/259 Yard Par 4, Stroke Index 14

Red – 267 Yard Par 4, Stoke Index 15

When you stand on the first tee be sure to turn around and take in the stunning view to the west! The first hole is a relatively short par 4 which should be a birdie opportunity but beware the green slopes from front to back!

View into the 1st Green

Hole 2: Clinterty – Sponsored by Duncan and Todd opticians

White/Yellow – 198/193 Yard Par 3, Stroke Index 10

Red – 184 Yard Par 3, Stoke Index 13

The 2nd hole is the first of 5 par 3’s and this time has a superb view to the east. You can either play to land on the ample sized green or land short and trust that the ball will run on.

View from the 2nd Tee

Hole 3: Hill ‘O’Fare –

White/Yellow – 325/315 Yard Par 4, Stroke Index 6

Red – 300 Yard Par 4, Stoke Index 7

The 3rd hole is the first testing hole on the golf course thanks largely to a blind tee shot up the hill. Once up the hill you will find a plateau where the hole doglegs to the left. Try your best not to miss the green to the right!

View into the 3rd Green from the plateau

Hole 4: Loch ‘O’Skene – Sponsored by Aberdeen Property Leasing

White/Yellow – 281/271 Yard Par 4, Stroke Index 18

Red – 268 Yard Par 4, Stoke Index 17

When standing on the tee you can see the Loch of Skene in front of you and Bennachie to your right. The hole slopes sharply downhill so plays short and is a definite birdie chance although trouble lurks to the right and left.

View from the 4th Tee down the tight avenue of trees

Hole 5: Broadshade Dyke – sponsored by Tooltec

White/Yellow – 511/504 Yard Par 5, Stroke Index 8

Red – 491 Yard Par 5, Stoke Index 3

The 5th hole has recently been updated and now features a tee shot from a gully, a pond, out of bounds all the way down the right hand side and a deep dip prior to the green. As if that was not enough its also 500+ yards!

Reverse view of the 5th looking from the Green to Tee

Hole 6: Drumly Dub – Sponsored by Subdrill

White/Yellow – 127/124 Yard Par 3, Stroke Index 16

Red – 120 Yard Par 3, Stoke Index 11

The 6th hole is the shortest on the course but is also one of the most beautiful. First you must play over the pond which should not come into play but definitely comes into your eye line before putting on a testing green which slopes sharply from back to front.

View from the 6th Tee

Hole 7: Wimplin’ Sheugh – Sponsored by JM Taylor Ltd

White/Yellow – 410/390 Yard Par 4, Stroke Index 2

Red – 386 Yard Par 5, Stoke Index 5

Regardless of whether of you are a gent (par 4) or a lady (par 5) this is a brute of a hole due to its length and the uphill approach shot to the green. Beware of playing short of the green since there are bunkers lurking front left and front right.

View from the 7th Fairway to the Green

Hole 8: The Rede’s Haughs

White/Yellow – 428/417 Yard Par 4, Stroke Index 4

Red – 404 Yard Par 4, Stoke Index 1

The 8th hole measures about the same length as the 7th but plays significantly shorter since it is downhill. A burn runs approximately 250 yards from the tee and divides the hole into 2 parts. The green has two tiers but beware the top tier slopes away from you!

Reverse view of the 8th hole looking from behind the Green

Hole 9: Rodden Den – Sponsored by VT Wealth Management

White/Yellow – 279/263 Yard Par 4, Stroke Index 12

Red – 265 Yard Par 4, Stoke Index 9

The front 9 finishes with a relatively short part 4. You can choose to play short of the tee or be attacking and go for the green. However, if you end up on the left hand side of the hole you face a tricky approach shot with large trees impeding your route to the green.

View from the 9th tee through the trees which shape the hole

Hole 10: Fiddler’s Elbow – Sponsored by Belhaven Breweries

White/Yellow – 275/222 Yard Par 4, Stroke Index 17

Red – 270 Yard Par 4, Stoke Index 6

The back 9 begins much like the front 9 with a relatively short par 4 which could be a birdie opportunity. The hole doglegs right to left round the natural hill but if your ball goes to the right it will likely roll down onto the neighbouring 16th hole leaving a tough approach.

View from the 10th green looking back towards the fairway

Hole 11: Gullymoss

White/Yellow – 158/150 Yard Par 3, Stroke Index 15

Red – 148 Yard Par 3, Stoke Index 18

The 11th is a beautiful short par 3 which offers golfers the choice of playing for the green or aiming to land the ball on the slope to the left of the green and trusting for a helpful bounce. A deep bunker looms short of the green and makes for a tricky ‘up and down’.

View of the 11th green

Hole 12: Cairnton Bothy Sponsored by Mercury 92

White/Yellow – 346/336 Yard Par 4, Stroke Index 11

Red – 254 Yard Par 4, Stoke Index 16

The 12th hole plays alongside Westhill Drive and is therefore partly visible as you drive towards the Clubhouse. For gents the hole doglegs quite sharply right to left. The ladies tee is further forwards and situated further right making the hole significantly straighter.

View from the ladies 12th tee

Hole 13: Beinn a’ Siar

White/Yellow – 500/492 Yard Par 5, Stroke Index 5

Red – 472 Yard Par 5, Stoke Index 2

The 13th is a superb twisting and winding par 5. Tee up and use the big lake like bunker as your line for a draw. The second shot is a true risk/reward shot since you need to cut the corner and take on the blanket of trees on the right hand side of the green.

View from the 13th tee

Hole 14: Sonsie Skelp – sponsored by Tooltec

White/Yellow – 441/431 Yard Par 4, Stroke Index 1

Red – 427 Yard Par 5 Stoke Index 4

The 14th is a tough par 4 for gents and an equally tough par 5 for ladies. The tee shot is slightly blind and the landing zone is a fairway sloping steeply left to right so don’t be surprised if your ball ends up in the rough. The same slope can help you get your approach close on this deceptively long green.

View of the 14th green from the left hand side of the fairway

Hole 15: Souterhill Bink – Anderson Anderson Brown Accountants

White/Yellow – 170/160 Yard Par 3, Stroke Index 9

Red – 144 Yard Par 3, Stoke Index 14

The 15th is a challenging uphill par 3 with a two tier green. For the best chance try and get your tee shot onto the same level as the pin – otherwise you have a tough putt. A big bunker guards the left of the green and a deep gathering bunker guards any shots ending short right.

View from the 15th green looking towards the tee

Hole 16: Lea-rig

White/Yellow – 415/405 Yard Par 4, Stroke Index 3

Red – 397 Yard Par 5, Stoke Index 12

The 16th is a hole all about strategy. A long tee shot makes the second shot simpler but you risk being blocked out by the large trees which separate the 14th and 16th holes. If you play shorter off the tee you face a tough approach to a green which gathers to the left hand side.

Looking towards the 16th green from the right hand side rough

Hole 17: Scroggiebrae – sponsored by Westhill Electrical Ltd.

White/Yellow – 191/181 Yard Par 3, Stroke Index 7

Red – 144 Yard Par 3, Stoke Index 10

The 17th is the final par 3 and varies greatly depending on the wind direction. On a calm day the length is not a challenge but hitting this green is not easy. When it’s playing into the wind – good luck!

View of the 17th green

Hole 18: Howff an’ Hame – Sponsored by Subdrill

White/Yellow – 478/369 Yard Par 5(White)/Par 4(Yellow), Stroke Index 13

Red – 368 Yard Par 5, Stoke Index 8

The final hole is currently a long uphill par 4 for gents and a par 5 for ladies. Be wary of the bank of gorse which lines the right hand side of the fairway. A new tee has been constructed and will be in play for 2014 with the hole rebranded as an attractive par 5!

View from new 18th tee with the Clubhouse in the distance